Bhiwandi Integrated Development Project

Bhiwandi in Mumbai is one of the most backward urban settlements in the country. It is only in the last five years that a municipality for the city has been formed. There have been many half-hearted attempts to develop the city. The fact remains that poverty is at its extreme here and working conditions have reduced the lifespan of many people. Saahasee has been working with three different federations in three different localities. These federations are represented by their community within all programs, and they are at different development stages. These federations also carry out many development programs that penetrate and positively impact the community as a whole. The participation of external stakeholders is also gained through the platform of the Federation. The role and responsibility of the community to manage the federations are increasing over time.
The SHG has grown dramatically and has intensely engaged with the community. Members are expanding their groups and federations so that there may be a wider membership base. This participation of the community is increasing and we see cooperation on all fronts. Participation within various training programs and of issues related to the community especially of health, domestic violence or other sensitive issues are slowly being
tackled. It is heartening to see the change taking place in the lives of
so many people. We still have a long way to go, looking at the fact that Bhiwandi is still one of the poorest areas and extremely marginalized.


Highlights of the Programme

1. Formation of structured IBC in all the three federations and Formation of Core committee with the combination of 3 key members of the federation


2. Taking the issue of water as a key concern with the core committee members. 


3. Linkages with key institutes like Government, STEM and NGO’s and with other political bodies. 


4. Relationship with community members has become stronger and more transparent.


5. Members are now sharing their problems freely with the staff and are willing to take action on their problems especially with regard to legal and domestic issues.


6. The significant and very important partnership has been formalized with FPAI –Bhiwandi, where every week 10 women from different federations of Bhiwandi visit the FPAI center and get cancer screening at highly subsidized rates.