The Role of Men

The role of the men with reference to the project is crucial as they have the ability to influence the project positively and negatively.
Our relationship with the men has undergone a huge change and shift as the interventions of Saahasee have helped to solve issues regarding
family incomes and their socio-economic conditions. There is much more mutual trust within the local men and the programs that are being
undertaken. Initially, this relationship was edgy due to the fact that our programs focused much more on the women of the community. This
participation of the community is increasing and we see cooperation on all fronts. Participation within various training programs and of
issues related to the community especially of health, domestic violence or other sensitive issues are slowly being tackled within the
community. It is heartening to see the change taking place in the lives of people.

•  Our interventions in the community have reduced the magnitude of poverty for a large section of the communities. The thrift and credit
groups have enabled sustained economic growth, community participation and self-management in the development agenda in slum communities.