Kareena (Name Changed) has been an active member of the federation for the past 3-4 years. From the time she was a child, she has suffered a lot. Her family did not provide her with proper food, shelter, education, etc..She has studied up to class 9 and then she was married off. She knew that this was her husband’s second marriage and that he had a daughter from his first wife. She was happy initially but the happiness did not last for long. Her husband started drinking and gambling and also quit his job.                                                                                        Kareena's life became miserable again. Then one day the Federation field workers visited her house and had a talk with both of them. The workers counseled both of them over and over again. The counseling sessions made Kareena’s husband realize his mistakes and then he decided to work hard to do better. He realized that the reason behind the fights was his drinking habit. Their children are going regularly to schools and they are happy because they are happy. 

Kareena earns well, and her husband also earns whenever he gets a job on contract. Her children are planning to pursue higher education. She is thankful to Saahasee and the Federation because it gave her the courage to get out of her problems and showed her the right path to living life happily with her husband and children.


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