Case Studies

Saahasee India with the help of Muncipal Corporation of Delhi are helping the underprivileged children with basic primary and secondary education. Below, image of Sneha (fake name) returning home from girls Senior Secondary School (MCD).

In the slums of Bhiwandi and Thane, there exists an inherent lack of unity among the people. These slums are the most deprived ones existing in the area. People are migrants from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka and other parts of the country. This division, among other compositions, prohibits any unanimous action by the community. People promptly get into ethnic controversies; the leadership is clannish and remains within small fragmented groups. The living areas are highly congested with limited and in some areas no potable water, poor sanitation, bad infrastructure, failing health and educational facilities. The incidents of domestic violence and child abuse & exploitation in various forms are rampant. The areas are also marked with low earnings and has an impact on women and children who have no earning capacities and felt to be ‘unemployable’. The lack of educational opportunity coupled with unemployment often pushes the youth towards gambling, petty crime and substance abuse


Saahasee Immunization Camp for Children which took place on the 13th of Aug 2018 in Taimoor Nagar, Delhi where children receive vaccinations. We organize this camp every month with the support and help from the Khijrabad MCD (Municipal Corporation Delhi) Dispensary Workers.