865 community women have been part of Saahasee’s awareness programs on legal rights. 59 different programs were       conducted over the reporting period. With our partnership with Sakhya and Majlis, we have been able to take on many cases of domestic violence, dowry, and issues related to the girl child, both for counseling as well as for legal recourse.

Cases are followed up on a weekly basis. In case of failure of counseling, legal recourse is undertaken with the consent of both parties. This has created a platform for many in the community to openly share their pain.  More than 500 leaders along with the staff were also trained in counseling; the primary focus here was that they handle cases sensitively - especially the women and girls in the community and not to rush to the press.

















                                   (Sakhya Girls Watch Group) 


Free legal aid to victims has also been provided. However, victims are hesitant and we did not see many willing cases taking their matters to court. Saahasee and federation staff are in constant touch with the victims and ready to offer the required support. The first step in this process is to ensure that proper legal counseling is undertaken so as to avoid full-fledged legal cases. This is a welcome step as many people try and avoid court cases since they believe that the reputation of the family and of the individual reigns supreme. Therefore, the counseling sessions are important and fruitful as it has helped in changing attitudes and perspectives.














                                               (Sakhya Girls Watch Group) 


Many sessions of the girl child committee have been conducted over the reporting period. These protection groups and committees have grown over the years. It has provided many benefits to the girls in changing their approach to life. Information was collected on girl child-related topics and on family and community behavioral change.
As a result of the social support and emotional support structures taught, many other women who were silently suffering are now able to approach the leaders and talk about their personal lives and situation. Legal counseling is provided and the victims are made well aware of the legal clauses and steps that need to be undertaken in such situations.

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