Thane Women Empowerment Project

Highlights of the Programme

We have exited from two federations and they are now running under a new registered
entity. Saahasee has been involved in all the federations in a meaning and time phased
manner. We continue to play the role of called consultants especially with the federation
who are registered independently and where we have exited.
We are involved in aspects related from health, government schemes, economic program,
women’s rights and many others prevalent social issues. The Saahasee model was clear that
all such interventions required the active participation of the community. The focus was the
change in the mindset of the communities and people and renewed way of thinking. A lot of
linkup with the government on various subject matters has been eked out.


1.  Saahasee trainers are now managing the projects very well and helping each other to do so too.


2. Linkage with Majlish and Sakhaya is now very strong and this is helping victims of domestic violence cases in a better manner.

3. Women are now very aware about their legal rights and are taking stand for justice.

4. Loan recovery drive has helped a lot in all the Thane federations to recover their default loans.

5. There has been 100% loan recovery in all Thane federations over the last year.

6. Government Banks are supporting the federation to avail loans for businesses and are helping them to start small businesses.