Sahaasee implements Awareness campaigns and Counselling services that reduce  HIV Stigma, HIV transmission and builds responsible community mechanisms among key populations (KPs).












Our Project activities reach out among KPs most at risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV. 

We do this by promoting routine clinics with local Govt healt posts, HIV/ TB testing, in house counselling and actively enrolling PLHIVs, into Care and support interventions.  These interventiond have benefitted PLHIV, their sexual partners and in several cases extendes the lives of those living with HIV. 













Our Micro enterprises, Skill development of PLHIV, Affected families have provided dignified livelihoods to thousands of KPs,  directly impacting Mental, psychosocial health, integration, and well-being. 


Our supportive links our local Womens SHGs, CBOs and Networks, with varied  Stakeholders . (eg., heath institutions, Govt schemes, Saahssee’ Skills development, employment opportunity, local business houses, Corp. Warehousing Companies) has further built key aspects of Self worth, dignity and sustainability. .

In the past year due to COVID-19, the resolve, healh workers training arising out of their collective strength of SHGs, were able  to volunteer and respond as “COVID Warriors.” The SHGs took onus and delivered counsel, refferals and identifid families , supplying essential food supplies to the affected. 

The COVID scare and protocols had exposed serious gaps in the service of HIV clients.   This introduced Saahasee to create digital innovations to enhance awareness and education on HIV.  COVID necessitated us to streamline our communication and put a digitalised system that would enable, help regulate and providing Our SHG/ HIV workers  better means of follow ups towards improving HIV health safety and adherence.

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Saahasee 'PRATHAM' Project.