Dream: Laksh 


My name is Laksh (Name Changed), I am 21 years old and unmarried. When I was 5 months old my father passed away and a month later so did my mother.  When I was six months old, a faulty immunization paralyzed my right leg and left arm. I have studied up to the 5th grade but due to financial reasons, I could not continue.

       I live with my uncle Mr. Das (Name changed) in Aligaon. He loves me and takes care of me. Thirteen years ago my uncle brought me from the village (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh). We are 3 brothers and one sister.  My sister (40 years old) is married and settled in the village. My married brother who is also in the village is 35 years old and works as a laborer. He has 3 kids. Another brother who is 30 years old works as a cook in a hotel in Goa. He always supports me financially. Sometimes, I also work as a laborer to meet my basic needs.

Usually, I do not have much to eat. Whenever I get sick, I come to the Saahasee office to get free medicines from OPD and Medical Camps.

     I have never wished to be dependent on others. All I wanted was two meals a day. I have a dream to own my own general store (shop) so that I will be financially stable in my old age.  A policeman, who is my good friend is trying to get a small shop (Khokha)for me. My brother who is a cook has agreed to financially support me stock up groceries worth Rs. 12000.

   I am very thankful to Saahasee for all the support and help I have received from them. I have been very encouraged by their programs and look to the future with optimism and hope.