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Economic Empowerment Through Women

Saahasee initiated women’s self-help groups in the early 90s, realizing that if women in the slums can be organized collectively; they can be better managers of their money. These initiatives have now matured into 16 Federations. They represent 1300 Thrift and Credit Cooperatives and close to 25,000 active women members.

 Women and their families have a total saving of Rs.3.90 crores which is being revolved back to them in the form of cheaper and easier credit amounting to Rs.7 crores. This collective movement of women has increased their confidence and enabled them to participate and manage their family and community finance better today.

Our People and Their Communities

Our urban slums are characterized by illness, poor housing, hygiene and sanitation. This could weaken the civic and social fabric of our cities. Unemployment is on the rise and is an established reality. The dehuman conditions of the city slums in our country require strategic and the collective action to improve economic opportunities, living standards and social status of the poor.

In turn, Saahasee has responded with its health and financial services in slum populations of Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. We have been successful in bringing the poor slum families out of the realm of dependence and 'charity' into the realm of social and economic self-reliance. We directly reach out to over 500,000 families in the slums to access basic services in the field of health, education and livelihood.