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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world there was so much misinformation and fear amongst most of the population. Those who faced the disease and recovered had to face enormous stigma amongst their peers for eg: people keeping their distance whenever they saw them. Some family, members residing in the Bhiwandi area even lost their means of income during the pandemic which led to their families not being able to afford rations or medical care. We as an organization felt that it was our duty as citizens and as members of society to do offer aid to families and those affected by this disease.

We met with families who had lost loved ones and tried to find out the challenges they were facing and areas where we could offer assistance. We soon found that rations and medical assistance were the two areas where these communities were facing challenges. We began helping them to find hospital beds for loved ones and distributing rations in the area.

During this phase we collaborated with hospitals in the Bhiwandi area to find out which patients along with their families were the most in need, they were more than happy to help us. In the second phase of our relief, we distributed drawing books along with some stationary to families with young children needless to say the children were overjoyed to receive them.

The challenges arose when we conduct home visits or phone calls to find out if they had a family member infected or affected by COVID-19 they refused to come out of their homes or they would end the call gradually when we explained that our purpose for calling or visiting was to distribute rations which include lentils, rice, and flour and offer them medical assistance they happily obliged. Our team was so happy to be able to do their parts as citizens and members of society after all we are all Global Citizens.

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