Creating Opportunities!

Our project "Hamara Bhavishya" which translates to our future has been designed to cater to the expansive slums of Yerwada (Pune) and has been doing well to gain the eyes and involvement of the people within the community. Clients have accepted the program and are slowly opening to receiving help and get to participate in the programs. This has resulted in an improved environment of skills, confidence, and better employment of the client families, providing a ray of hope in the future!

This project aims and focuses on the most vulnerable in the community. The positive clients have emerged to look-out and support each other and spread the word from one client to another. This is no small feat as the subject of HIV still carries a huge social stigma among these communities. Through the walk-ins and a good influx of clients coming into our project office, this has slowly become a norm.

Creating Opportunities For The Vulnerable

Saahasee's skills training program has become a boon to the people in this community as it has helped not only community youth become employable but has also helped the elderly in the community to become happily occupied in their old age. It's great to see not only our young bright minds flourish but to see experienced minds thrive is another experience altogether.

Our Targets in relation to this project were as follows:-

1) To provide Livelihood skill training for 200 women and youth infected and affected by HIV within general members.

2) To provide Job orientation and employment links for 200 clients.

3) Provide business management skills, access to loan schemes, and loan counseling to

75 young women living with HIV.

The project is guided by three main principles ie. provide skill training to clients, provide job orientation and employment opportunities through the Saahasee market presence, and access to banks and loans. This becomes an outreach where eligible clients can climb the ladder. Counseling is an integral part of this exercise as the clients are so dejected with life that they give up. We are proud to say that despite COVID-19 and protocols we managed to help a total of 1297 Clients (including Relief). Through this project, we also provided Covid relief in the form of rations, etc. to vulnerable families. We feel so blessed to have made a difference in so many lives you too can be apart of this for more information please watch this space.

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