Food For Thought.

For me giving back has always been a great part of my life. They say charity begins at home which is an apt description of my life we were always encouraged to give back to the less fortunate. As I got older I truly started to understand the importance of giving back to my community.

Meher a student from Symbiosis Centre For Media and Communication (SCMC) who is pursuing a career in Audio Visuals and hopes to become a filmmaker one day. Doing an internship in the Developmental Sector is part of her curriculum. While she was preparing her report on the prospective NGOs she could intern at she came across Saahasee. Upon meeting with Eddie Mall (Executive Director, Saaahsee) and Program Director Saurabh Pillay and learning about what the work Saahasee does, she instantly knew she wanted to work here. She volunteered with us for about a month and got to interact with the community and do some in-office work. I had the privilege of interacting and working with Meher during the duration of her internship and found that she was efficient, idealistic and dedicated. So here's an excerpt from Meher " I am glad I got to work here and the tasks given to me were both beneficial and enjoyable.

Meher (Volunteer From SCMC)

I feel that the short duration of the internship prevented me from making a significant contribution but I'm happy to have been able to help out and learn about these people have to go through." Though my interaction with Meher was short, her dedication and perseverance made a huge impact on me and I am very glad I got to work and interact with her. If you wish to learn more about how to get involved with us, please send us a direct message or email us we would love to work with you!.

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