My Empowerment Journey

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

My journey with Saahasee started in June of 2015 and it has been incredible so far. I began managing their social media accounts, website, and now I write content for their blog. I have gained so much from working with this organization and have heard so many amazing stories of perseverance and endurance. Little did I know that working with an NGO would end up introducing me to my passion and calling which is writing content.

If I had to describe my experience working in Saahasee I would have to say that it is an organization that encourages passion, and perseverance. The team at Saahasee have inspired me in unimaginable ways, and have shown me that the power to change one's circumstances it is one's own hands. Empowerment is what one does to change one's circumstances but how one rises after facing obstacles while on the journey to empowerment.

Courage, Passion & Endurance

With each story, I share and with each post I create, my inspiration and motivation meter skyrockets. As a young woman and professional seeing people rise above their circumstances is greatly humbling though I may move on to greater and better things my experience with Saahasee and the stories of the people of Saahasee will always stay with me. So thank you Saahasee, its team and the Executive Director Mr. Eddie Mall for an amazing experience and aiding my journey towards my passion.

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