Mobile Kids: Good Or Bad?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Another viral video you need to see!!..Another game you just have to play!!.. Being part of the digital age has it's pros and con's but achieving a balance between having the right amount of exposure and too much exposure is difficult. One of the ways I try to make sure I don't spend too much time online is by setting timers for the apps I would normally spend the most time on and make sure to turn my phone off at a certain time.

While conducting a training session on Sexual Health and Well Being For Children between the ages of 4-16 all of whom had access to a mobile phone. One of the questions posed to them during the session was"Are Mobiles Good or Bad ?" They all said " Bad" when asked why they felt so they said, " We spend at least one and half-two hours playing games on the device; as a result, we end up not having done anything productive with our time and that makes us feel angry." Modern technology continues to grow rapidly and these impressionable minds are being exposed so much information.

A few facts:

Technology will always be a part of our lives; it is up to us to teach these young impressionable minds to use it wisely and take the necessary precautions to protect them from the dangers of the same. For example When using YouTube to prevent them from being exposed to the occasional inappropriate video pop-up, one can download an app called YouTube Kids which is created specifically for children. Also, one can monitor the amount of time they spend online.

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