My Reflections: New Language?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Learning a new language can be difficult and tricky and yet so much fun!!. I myself never discovered my passion for languages when I was really young but never really perused it. And fast forward a good number of years.

I now speak 3 languages (English, Hindi, and Spanish) and now learning a fourth (French). So here's the reason I love learning new foreign languages in Spanish- "Me gusta aprender lenguas extranjeras proque me encanta aprender sobre neuva culturas etc y es mi passion tambien. "- Translation: I love learning new foreign languages because I love about new cultures and it is also my passion. Visit the link below to see one of our Saahasee Life Skill Mentors explains how she came to learn multiple languages through listening etc.

According to Lead with languages, one of the many benefits of learning a new language is being able to communicate with people from different cultures.

So I hope this inspires all of you to go out and learn a new language whether you are 6 or 60 its never too late to learn a new language.

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