Our Girls: Courage, Beauty in Love and Dignity.

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Being a young woman/girl in today's modern world which consists of technology that advances faster than we can blink and social media trends that change as fast as the stock market. We sometimes forget to ask our children or young women Are you ok? , " What do you want?, "Does he hurt you?" "Do you love him?". On International Girls Day the girls at Saahasee declared "I am determined, dedicated, resolute to rise and pursue my dreams of personal achievement, equality, harmony, family, and nation-building.

The purpose of the program was to promote Safety, Dignity, Security, Rights and Child Education. The topics covered during the program were:

  • Raise your voice...What will people say?

  • My wishes.....What will people say?

  • Marriage...Pressure or Love?

  • No Abuse, Only Love!

Courage, Beauty and Dignity

Gaining the courage to stand up for one's wishes and rights is never easy. The first thought that comes to mind is "What will people think?" "What will people say?" It's never "Why I am doing this?" "What will I think and feel?" what we forget sometimes is we have to live with the consequences of our decisions, not other people. As a young woman myself, I find it hard to hear my own views when I have so many other people's views thrown at me. So let's encourage our young girls and women to be courageous, beautiful and dignified.

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