Positive Action For Children

Project: Positive Action for Child Fund

This project involves taking up clients and making inroads into their lives through a referral mechanism and mutual benefit. As clients come across Saahasee and it’s work, mainly through home visits, they require much counseling to even make them aware of their needs and options. The critical thought that needs breaking is why is Saahasee helping them. Once that phase is over, they see the light for themselves, and slowly start participating within the programs. Home visits also help understand the family situation and the unique needs that they have. Their health assessment and follow-up through the hospital s are also part of the client's home visit. This visit also clarifies for us the point of assistance and the required counseling for the family.

It requires a lot of to bring the potential of such vulnerable clients out through intense counseling, visible demonstration of how the skills have affected others, and the feeling and relationship that is built to latch on with this hope to the future. The first step takes up the clients' counseling, bringing them out of their shells as they do not have the confidence to complete a skilled course for themselves.

The skill is otherwise a dream that they had only hoped for one day. We have learned that it is extremely important to involve the family members in this decision process, especially the HOF. As the family's relationship develops and they get to know us and our processes, they get more confident and hopeful. We answer many questions and prepare them for their visit to our office and the interaction with other families.

It is imperative for Saahasee to conduct counseling sessions as they are fundamental in motivating and encouraging clients. The counseling of HOF is vital to the family member joining the program, especially if she happens to be a female. The permission of the family's head and even the relatives, we understand, is crucial to the skill training's success.

The clients are irregular in their job even when they join work outside. This happens mostly due to ill health, which then creates issues for Saahasee, as partner institutions rely more on Saahasee and thus provide us feedback on the same. Ill health is another reason why sewing graduates prefer to work from home and can add to their incomes.

Achievements :

· The number of clients in business training and are linked with us for future counseling are over 90 in number.

· More than 130 students are enrolled in skill training and are undergoing some course or the other.

· There are more than 115 clients who are servicing the market either at shops or from within their homes.

· Most of the clients are women who are eager to join the sewing and mehndi courses.

· More than 120 motivation and empowerment sessions are conducted.

· Our efforts with students help boost their self-confidence. Positive reinforcement is a constant feature within these programs as families require much convincing and peer support to participate in the skill courses.

· Once the graduates pass the course, we give them certificates and awards. The certificates boost the confidence of the students and are quite helpful for them to access jobs if they so want. With their certificates, the graduates can even access jobs.


· Clients do not possess the self-confidence to undertake the course. They also believe that any course is too expensive for them to take on and that these courses are not meant for them. They assume that nothing will change even when they take the course. It normally requires a huge effort to complete the change of mindset of clients and make them re-think.

· It requires a lot to convince families to let women go out for jobs and work. Once this barrier is cleared, the next hurdle is with the men as they do not believe that their women can work and earn money or should work. If not properly dealt with, the men can be counter-productive in supporting their women every day for work.

· Men believe that if the women go out to earn money then children at home will suffer and get neglected. They have the outlook that women are ‘supposed’ to simply work at home.

· Dropping out of courses because of the non-supportive nature of men in the family, even when they have agreed to the course is quite common. We constantly hear that men do not support on a day to day level for women to go out, even after saying yes to the job.

To find out how you can be involved in this project or how u can support us please watch this space!.

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