Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Sports has always a part of my life though mostly through family members and friends. As we enter the first few weeks into the new year/decade I realized that sports has always had a part to play in my life though the only sport I enjoy is swimming because it relaxes me and has significantly helped my mental health. We live in this overwhelming world of social media so it's nice when one can finally take a break from that and relax. Let me bring your attention to the youth in the picture below who are part of our FIT FOR THE FUTURE project who are learning life skills through sports like being a team player or interview skills. These girls come from poverty-stricken communities where child abuse and crime are prevalent but these girls are now saying yes to a better tomorrow and a fitter future. They are now learning how to play as a team through a familiar childhood game called 'KHO KHO' which is played in turns and consists of a lot of running.

Here are some facts:

The facts are astonishing we as a society must work together to protect our youth from abuse and say YES TO A FIT FUTURE!!.

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