Smile For The Little Guy

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Everyone knows that children are our future, and therefore, we have a responsibility to contribute to their well-being and safety. I have always been one for child protection but I never knew much about it much less what I could do to help. Our target beneficiaries reside in the slums of Thane and Bhiwandi (22,500 children) all these children live in slums with a below-average standard of living and average an income of less than Rs. 40 per day per member of the family.

Team Saahasee created programs that enabled these children to go back to school access to counseling and healthcare services to tackle the problem head-on (Links below for more information).

Facts and Figures:

Saahasee's Contribution:

Child Protection Campaign: Education Program:

We can all take the best things in life for granted because they're free. Let's change that by valuing the best things in life because they are priceless. Watch this space for how you can support this cause.

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