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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Having the ability to gain skills that will enhance the professional and personal aspect of one's life takes a little extra hard-work but somehow it always pays off in the end. I have always been curious about gaining life skills but I never realised how imperative it was to gain those life skills to live a full and well-rounded life. Saahasee and The Sports Gurukul join hands in the Cricket Field to unite youth belonging to the slums of Bhiwandi.

Changing Lives Changing You

This project focuses on changing the lives of youth living in slum areas through sports it includes a life skills course where the students are taught how to introduce themselves, how they should dress when going into a job interview etc. I've never been much of a sporty person, but somehow I loved the idea of a group of people working together towards a common goal. We all know sports can have a significant impact on our physical health but did you know that playing sports impacts our mental health as well. Here are some facts to consider:

We interviewed one of the students who when asked how the course had impacted her life. She replied, " Whoever joins this course will gain the ability to change their lives."

Find out more about how it changed her life at

Academics is vital and plays a huge role in one's professional and personal life but to be a well rounded human being it is essential and to learn how to become a team player to me there is no better place to learn that than on the sports field.

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