The Relief Arrow

The year 2020 has brought with it uncertainties of many kinds like not knowing what the “new COVID-19 normal” is going to be. Covid-19 has taught me that no matter where we come from or what backgrounds we come from we all want a little certainty and a little relief in these times. Our courageous team at Saahasee decided to provide a little relief those in need but also to show our solidarity in our fight against COVID-19 to the poor and poverty-stricken communities of Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi by providing rations (groceries) worth (Rs. 1,200) which aids in feeding so many hungry mouths.

In the process of providing rations and of course, following the guidelines given by the government as well as all measures of social distancing, this thought kept resounding in our heads that this relief acted as a relief arrow that transcended beyond COVID-19. Our work and mission as an organization are all about we aim to empower women, children, youth, and communities but most of all it is the feeling of making a difference that is absolutely the greatest reward. If you would like to know how to support this program please watch this space.

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