Vulnerable Beneficiaries Find Relief

I once heard the saying " I am a stranger in a strange land." this phrase in my view accurately describes this past year. With COVID hitting the globe and everything that came along with it. Providing relief to those who would be affected most by it became more and more difficult. Right at the onset of COVID and the lockdown situation, the team at saahasee managed to provide to about 108 most vulnerable families (of course while taking all the precautions necessary like wearing masks and social distancing in the Yerwada slums.

This relief was provided in the form of rice, dal, atta, cooking oil, face mask, hand sanitizer, soap, and hygiene education and counseling of individuals and families. The provision of relief saved many individuals and families from certain collapse. Many still bless Saahasee and KCA for the provision of timely relief. To find out how you can be involved or how u can support us watch this space!.

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