Ruhani Triumph 

My name is Ruhani Sharma. I am 38 years old. I have completed my 8th grade, and I wanted to become a teacher but I got married at a very early age. My nuclear family comprises of four;  one son and three daughters.


After my husband’s demise, My children were very lost when my husband passed away two years back. I too was completely lost. I was clueless and did not know what to do with my life and that of my children.


So, I worked in a small slum based pickle making enterprise. The earnings were labor-intensive and dependent on me, yet, I  managed with great suffering, guilt, scorn, and difficulties for close to a year.


But, a year back I saw and met the Saahasee representatives distributing handbills in my slum community. It was through that, I learned about several courses meant for low literates like me. I was particularly drawn to their tailoring course as it suited my time and eligibility criteria. I was so glad to enroll myself in the class and completed the course in the assigned six months.


A special feature that I noted as I enrolled in the tailoring course is that the Saahasee staff are extremely understanding and supportive with all their counseling and mentoring. I chose the course, which kept me happy and engaged. Saahasee staff not only helped me with the course but also to cope with my financial situation and with other people that stressed me in my neighborhood. I used to sell a few clothes but the income was not enough.


I am so proud that despite my husband’s demise, with the Saahasee counsel and guidance, I have survived. My eldest son has completed his 12th grade now, following him is my daughter who is in grade 12th, and the third one is in 6th grade and the last one is in 5th grade. The eldest daughter is completing her studies in Urdu medium and the other two in English medium.


Now I have a new sense of dignity and respect as I take up tailoring assignments from the local community, I also wish Saahasee NGO to continue with their courses and give women and families like mine skills, incomes, counsel, and work. Today, I feel that I am capable and in fact realizing the role of a capable tailoring teacher to girls in my neighborhood.