My name is Samira (Name Changed), I am 18 years old. I live in Subhash Camp, with my mother who is 34 years old and a younger sister who is 10 years old, basically, we belong to Village: Solahsuar, Maharashtra. When my mother was 14 years of age she came to Delhi to find a job. Mother married an auto driver, but he never accepted her as a wife. He has no attachments with me, sister and my mother, since last year he has been living with a different woman, whenever he is in trouble he comes to my mother fights and beats her up.

        I am the sole breadwinner of the family; I was working in a detergent soap factory and was getting Rs.3500 per month. We were paying Rs.1600 for house rent and Rs. 100 for electricity the rest of the money was not sufficient for our needs. I used to get help from people where I was working. They used to give me clothes and other materials over time. Many times we had to sleep on an empty stomach.

   A few months later, I got infected with tuberculosis and was unable to work. I contacted Saahasee DOTS center where they confirmed the diagnosis. I am now receiving my medication through the center itself. 

I want to get well as soon as possible and help my family, I am really very thankful to Saahasee for their attention towards me and my family.