Suhani's Story 

My name is Suhani. I live in the Yerwada slum. I am 36 years old and one day my sister told me about Saahasee as she completed her tailoring course with them.

She suggested that I go and have an initial counseling meeting with the staff. She had foretold that the Saahasee staff will also help you figure out your interest and aptitude with the relevant trade/ course. You can then seek their assistance to enroll in the course.

My family comprises of 5 members; my husband, my son, and my mother-in-law and father-in-law, and myself. My husband is a daily wage laborer on a construction site. We live hand to mouth, barely making ends meet.

My son is enrolled in a local English school nearby and studies in 8th grade and this is our only investment for the future. My father-in-law is mostly unwell and the medical expenses are always stretched. This is mostly the main reason my family is always in crisis, snapping at each other all the time in desperation.

Since I had enrolled in the Saahasee course and completed my “tailoring course,” I was immediately able to save the family from spending any money on the clothes of the family. Soon, I also started taking up little tailoring assignments from the local neighborhood.

I reside in this slum since my childhood and always dreamt of being a teacher. But due to the prevailing tradition, I am not allowed to go out of the home. Women, in our family, don’t go out to earn. So, I work from home. Now I wish Saahasee NGO makes me more capable and helps me to educate my son. I want him to become a doctor.

I will always thank, the Saahasee staff. They relate so well and sensitively to me and my family. I will always be happy to help them to continue to help others like me and I pray, God will help them in all that they are doing in our slum.