Sonali's Balanced Diet 

  My name is Sonali (Name changed).  I am 20 years old, I live in Taimoor Nagar Delhi-25, with husband and family. My family and I migrated from Uttar Pradesh about 30 years ago. 

 During my first pregnancy, I was not aware of the nutrition plan that I should be following, as a result, my first child was underweight. Now I am pregnant for the second time. I was supported and guided by Saahasee's staff with regards to my diet, regular medication, immunization etc. which were done through Municipal Corporation Dispensary.  

     The Saahasee staff visit our community frequently and organize training programs and workshops on the subject of how to achieve a nutritious on a budget during pregnancy. 

Previously we used to go to RMP Doctors since Saahasee started free general OPD every week; we go for ANC check-ups regularly. 

  I am very thankful to Saahasee and their staff for their guidance and support. I feel that it is not just family members and relatives who care about your well-being but there are people out there who care.