The Bhavishya Project, Yerwada, Pune

The ‘Bhavishya’ project experience has been a productive learning curve for Saahasee along
with the immediate partner Sahara – Allhad involved in servicing the PLHIV and their families. The referrals are taken up by Saahasee from Sahara and inducted into the program. The focus of the intervention is to improve the economic well-being of the referral. This collaboration has built and enhanced the services for the vulnerable PLHIV more comprehensively and affected clients of Sahara-Aalhad. We continued to service the two geographical pockets of operation ie. Wagholi Care Home and Yerwada community in Pune. Saahasee has targeted services 100% of the Sahara referred clientele and services were made available in the year to all referred clients.

Program Steps: 

 1.  Saahasee is creating livelihood opportunities in order to build the economic capacity of all the referrals provided by Sahara and to give the referrals a platform of acceptance and to integrate them among the general public.
2. Total Referrals serviced for counseling, orientation training, skill training, vocational skills training, and business training, through house visits and follow up system add up to 2216, since the beginning of the project 2013 - Jan 2016.
3. The following steps are followed by Saahasee to fulfill the responsibility of Bhavishya. They have been sequenced from the receiving of the referrals : 
  -  Tutoring or skill training
  -  FGD, Training, and assistance on business or job opportunities
  -  Establishment of trade platforms and trade collectives
  -  Assistance and guidance for ME loans
  -  Linkage with business partners
  -  Saahasee provides consultancy and assistance